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Metal detecting on the beach
Welcome to Metal Detector kids .com !

Hi ! We are Mads & Kasper. Welcome to our website Metal Detector Kids .com !
It is our dad who has made this website for us. We have made this site about metal detecting, because we think it is a very fun and exiting hobby for kids. Maybe you will think the same, after reading on our website ?
We think that metal detecting is quite an overlooked hobby that deserves a little more attention, because we think that many more than us, need to find out that it is very fun and exiting going treasure hunting !

With our website we would also like to draw attention to the fantastic "dad and son activity" it can be going metal detecting..
At the same time we can also keep track on the many coins and other exiting finds we dig in our own backyard and in the forests surrounding our neighborhood..
Well, yes it is maybe a little geeky going metal detecting, but who cares ? not, us...we just think it is thrilling ;-)

As we live in Denmark we would very much like a
mail from you, if you like our website and perhaps live in an other country !
If you have a website about metal detecting too, then we can maybe exchange links, if you like..

Maybe we bump into each other on the fields or in the forests sometime in the future...happy treasure hunting !

Mads & Kasper
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Great metal detectors for children !
CHRISTMAS PRESENT ? START THE DETECTING HOBBY ? Do like us ! and buy a quality metal detector instead of buying some "crappy" china product that is sold all over the internet..
We have tried some of these cheap machines and they are no good. We strongly advice you to pay that little extra and get a metal detector of good quality. It does not has to be a Garrett or Minicab just do yourself the favor and buy a "brand name" detector..
The models below are all to be bought at Amazon in the UK, buy some of the biggest and most well known metal detector retailers in England. All of whom ships to addresses all over the UK and the rest of Europe at quite attractive prices..
Garrett Ace 150
€ 130
Probably the most affordable metal detector on the market today. This is where you start if you want something serious.
Our first metal detector..
Garret Ace 150
Garrett Euro Ace
€ 275
Serious metal detector for you how wants a little more..same good functions as on the Ace 250, but with a bigger and better search coil. Maybe the best detector we have ever had..
Garrett Euro Ace
Garrett Ace 250
€ 180
"Big brother " to the Ace 150 with the same easy to use operation. Extended metal junk rejectionStorebror til Ace 150 og med samme n and Pinpoin function..
Garrett Ace 250
Minelab Xterra 305 New
Nov 2013 - New metaldetector !

Now we are going to try something new, and we have just received a Minelab X-Terra 305 detector..
We look forward to comparing it with the Garrett detectors we already have..

Keep an eye on our page about Minelab, where you quite soon can read our "review" of our new metaldetector, seen from a child perspective..

> Take a look at our Minelab page or buy Minelab X-Terra 305
metal detecting in Hua Hin Thailand
February 2014 - Coin shooting on the beach in Thailand !

We have just come home from a 14 days holiday in Hua Hin Thailand...
We took both the Garret AT Pro International and the Minelab Xterra 305 to Thailand and we have to say that the Garret detecter was the overall winner.
As you can see on the photo on the right there were quite some interest on the beach for what we were doing. Both the beach vendors and the other tourists were very exited to see what we were able to find in the sand, and we must say that we kind of impressed them :-)
We found a lot of coins in the sand again this year but we still have not found any jewelry or gold rings yet...

Coins on table in thailand
<- To the left you see the coins we found on the beach in Thailand. We did not find any jewelry go rings despite our friend on the beach (Joe) said that there had been several tourists loosing their property in the water.
During our holiday we saw some other detectorists, so maybe they had already found what was to be found..

Ring in the forrest
Sept. 2013 - New finds in the forrest !

Today we have been on a trip to the forrest and after just 15 min. of search in the middle of the forrest, we found this beautiful ring by the foot of a very big and old tree..

Some other finds on the day;
2 stk. 20-coins
1 stk. 10-coins
1 stk. King Christian 1-coin from 1962
5 stk. empty bullets

See many more finds here
Metal Detecting News
05/06 2013 - Man finds big Roman hoard just after buying a Garrett Ace 150
17/01 2013 -
Man in Ballarat Australia finds big gold nugget

Send us a mail mail if you want your story to be shown here or you have a tip on something interesting !
Good offers if you want to start metal detecting..

If that is the case we would not advice you to go out and buy one of the very cheap "toy" metal detectors that you can buy now a days in almost every toy store or Toys R´US, at very low prices..
You will most certainly regret it very soon, and your child will never get to now this hobby as it is surposed to..

A cheap metal detector from one of the Toy stores can normally just find metal down to a depth of 4-5 cm (and then we have been quite fair..) and it "beeps" every time it finds something in the ground..wether it is a coin or garbage, it does not just does not work !

What is said above might sound a little hard, but never the less it is the truth..good quality metal detectors are not to be found in the toy stores, they are found at the trusted certified metal detector stores..
We do not sell metal detectors but we have helped a lot of people finding the right one fitting their needs and our website is dedicated to advice you in the process of finding the right metal detector for you or your kids..

In our opinion there is only 10-15 brand quality manufacturers of quality metal detectors in the world today and a number of these are mentioned on our website, at least the biggest of them..So to sum it up...whether you are looking for a metal detector for you or your kid, do yourself the favor to buy a quality product from the start. You will not regret that..
A toy and a litte more..
You got to start least if you are looking for a metal detector for your kid and you want a good quality product. Event though we might not think that a "real" metal detector is to be found under the price of 150€, in some cases it is perhaps necessary for some children to get a real basic starter machine, because they are to young or small to carry a real detector..
On the other hand you are perhaps not quite certain that your child will like the hobby, so you want to start out a a lower price...

The well known brand Bounty Hunter has made this Bounty Hunter Junior metal detector for the youngsters..
This metal detector reacts on every type of metal in the ground, and it is equipped with a easy to read display, which shows when there is metal detected. It is also possible to adjust the sensitivity and gradually reject metal garbage..

- Uses 2 pcs. 9V batteries.

Watch commercial video
* Approximate price on Amazon
Stacks Image 864
€ 130*
We have done a lot of finds with our Ace 150 - See them
* Approximate price at Amazon
See demo of Garrett Ace 250 - Here
Garrett Ace 150

This was our first metal detector ever and in our opinion one of the cheapest quality metal detectors on the market..a great metal detector for kids.
Garrett is one of the biggest manufacturers in the world and you can read more about. the company somewhere else on our site..
Ace 150 is very user friendly and even for children very easy to use. It has a great discrimination function so that it can distinguish garbage and other junk from gold and silver..
The search coil i waterproof, so that you can search for relics and coins on the beach in shallow water..
The adjustable shaft makes it possible to use the detector for children down to the age of 6 years old.
Garett Ace 150 operates with 4 ordinary AA batteries which will last for hours and hors of metal detecting.
This metal detector is a very fine metal detector for dummies go people who just want an easy to use machine of best quality available..
Maybe the best and cheapest entry level metal detector on the market !
Garrett Ace 150
€ 180*
* Approximate price when ordering at
Garrett Ace 250
Almost the same model as the Ace 150, which means that it technically is equipped with the same search coil and functions as its "little brother".
It goes just as deep in the ground and reacts on the same targets. On the other side its has a little better software which makes it possible to distinguish between more different types of metal. Finally it has the very functional Pinpoint feature..
Our experience is that if you really get to like the metal detecting hobby 100% then you will also want to end up with a Pinpoint model..The question you have to ask yourself is whether or not you want to start out with a Metal detector with the pinpoint feature or not..
Pinpoint means that you can more precisely tell where the item is located in the soil before digging. And it makes it possible to dig smaller holes..
Garrett Metal Detectors - Made in USA
Coni hunting on the beach in italy

The first metal detector we got was a
Garrett Ace 150, which we ordered at Amazon in december 2011.
Mads had a big wish getting a real metal detector after seeing a tv show with a boy searching for treasures with his metal detector..

We are really big fans of Garrett Metal detectors, as they are very user-friendly products, not only for adults but also for kids.

Today our backyard garden is more or less "vacuum cleaned" for coins, and we have probably found 20-30 pieces until this day..
The Garret metal detector is in our opinion very good at rejecting metal junk and our test shows that it can easily find coins down to a depth of approx. 20 cm..that is good enough for us, and not that big a difference to the best metal detectors on the market today..

We have now also bought a
Minelab X-Terra 305, which has a kind of numeric ID, and it is also a very good lightweight metal detector for kids. It is also possible to get a special children´s shaft for the X-Terra 305..

Coming up is also a new range of user-friendly metal detectors from Minelab called the GO-FIND series. It consists of three models with seems to be very easy to operate and very suitable also for children. So maybe Garrett Metal detectors is soon going to have some serious competition on the entry level…
You can read more about the new models on our Minelab page..